About the brand name

The brand draws its name from the stunning surf beach FAMARA in Lanzarote where designer/founder Liz Harwood-Allen lived for a number of transformative years.  FAMARA embodies the spirit of artistic innovation and the power of the Atlantic which was apparent in the artwork she created at her art school.  The profound connection to art and nature and passion for golf became the cornerstone of FAMARA’s ethos as she explored textile design.  The translation of the vivid Mediterranean colours of the Spanish culture found a new canvas in the luxurious textiles. Every garment is meticulously crafted and offers a unique blend of artistry and style on the fairways. FAMARA isn’t just a brand, it’s a testament to creativity.

FAMARA Golfwear

FAMARA prides themselves on reaching the needs of women of all ages, in all glorious shapes, heights and sizes.

The designs emphasize flattering styles, flexibility, and practicality. They guarantee high-performance functional fabrics, vibrant colors, and attention-grabbing designs.

The Docklands Collection

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