You may be a 'fair weather golfer' or a 'nothing is going to stop you going out golfer'; making sure you're kitted out with the right waterproof gear is essential.

We will guide you through all the clever and innovative ways that you can keep dry on the golf course to make your round of golf enjoyable whatever the weather has to offer.

Before we cover our favourite jackets here are a couple of useful pointers:

Firstly, remember that what you wear underneath will make a difference. Look for fabrics which have moisture wicking properties so you don't feel sweaty underneath your waterproof, there is nothing worse than getting soaked from the inside! Good waterproofs will also wick moisture outwards even when it's raining on them from the outside. You'll find this info in our product descriptions.

A waterproof is an investment item and most are designed for all year round use. The jacket is an outer waterproof shell generally kept lightweight and is fully flexible. For warmth in the winter months wear layers underneath instead of getting a waterproof jacket that you can only use a few months of the year. In the summer months make use of the adjuster toggles and tabs for a better fit.

The majority of waterproof golf jackets have no hood, and those that do are the pack-away style. Whilst a hood will help to keep you dry, it can potentially reduce visibility as you swing through. Waterproof hats are a great solution and we'll cover these later in the guide.

Substance over Style!

Your waterproof suit is an outer layer of weather protection designed to slip over your usual golfing outfit. In the middle of the golf course when it starts to rain you will want to get it on as quickly as possible. A good suit will have zips and easy access to putting it on and all the adjustable tags and toggles that you need whatever the season.

Do not expect a stylish slimming fit from your waterproofs but expect practicality and function first.

How does the waterproofing work?

There are two main ways waterproofing is achieved. One method is to apply a coating over the item to effectively seal it so the water cannot get through. This method tends to be found in lower spec waterproof garments due to the lack of breathability and the regular respraying that they need. The most common way in mid to higher end garments is the use of a membrane in the fabric, this membrane is so fine that water droplets cannot penetrate through it but air can still escape and your body can breath.

Our top pick Jackets

All our jackets come with a waterproof guarantee for your added peace of mind. We select the ones that use membrane technology for waterproofing so there will always be a level of breathability and they are easier to look after and maintain their performance.

Which brand is best?

Specialist waterproof brands like Sunderland of Scotland and Galvin Green spend all their time and resources researching and developing their products to be the best. Galvin Green use world renowned Gore-Tex fabric throughout the range as it is the best for performance with waterproofing and breathability.

Green Lamb waterproofs bring feminine colours and cuts to the waterproof world. Callaway have their tour proven Weather Series that is worn by tour players all over the world and is a firm customer favourite.

Sunderland Ladies Black Waterproof Golf Over Trousers

Waterproof legwear

The key things to look for with your waterproof trousers are:

Make sure they are long enough to cover the top of your shoes, there is nothing worse then rain running down the outside of your waterproof trousers and into your shoes!

Flaps or over-lapping pockets so that rain doesn't get into your various pockets and soak your scorecard or other items.

Good long zip-up legs. Hopping around trying to get your feet and shoes through the legs in the middle of the course is only going to end one way! Wide bottom leg openings allow a much more graceful way of putting the trousers on.

Elasticated waist bands are a personal preference, the less moving parts like a zip the less that can go wrong.

They are designed to be over trousers that are large enough to comfortably accommodate the legwear you are wearing beneath.

Top Tip

A pair of waterproof trousers worn over lightweight trousers makes a perfect thermal barrier to keep you warm in the colder months. Waterproofs are not only waterproof but windproof as well.

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Top it all off

Some waterproof jackets come with an integrated hood which are great in emergencies. Golfers can find them restrictive and uncomfortable when swinging the club and often prefer to opt for a bucket hat, where the wide rim allows rain to drip away from your body, preventing rain from dripping down your back.

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Looking after your waterproofs:

You don't want your round of golf spoilt by rain getting in through your waterproofs. Regularly check them even if you have not used them in a while.

Clean waterproofs work; dirty and muddy ones are liable to fail as the mud can open up holes big enough for the water to get through. Wash and clean them regularly.

How many months has your waterproof suit been stuffed in your golf bag? Folded and creased in the bottom of your bag can cause the waterproof membrane to separate and create large enough holes in your waterproofs for rain to get through. Check the washing instructions for your waterproofs but most benefit from a cool heat tumble dry. The tumble drying gets all the fibres back in line again and works wonders for any waterproofing issues. For laminate waterproofs a wash and spray with a barrier product will refresh them.

Keep your hands dry - constantly wet hands going into your pockets will end up getting through the lining and into your clothes. Keep your neck and cuffs well protected as these are the most vulnerable places for water to get in.

It may be raining but with the right clothes for the weather, you can be sure that you can keep golfing and enjoying your time outdoors.

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