We all love that feeling of moving over to our summer wardrobe but leg length options can sometimes prove tricky!

If you want to break free from your full length trousers this season but are in any way conscious about your knees then fear not, there are lots of options to choose from.

In episode 7 of our GolfGarb Fashion Insights Series we talk knee skimming styles with Emma from Women and Golf. Check out the video below...

Designed to finish either just below or on your knee, pedal pushers and city shorts are stealing the show this season.

Brands such as Green Lamb have showcased pedal pushers in their ranges for a number of years now, and this on-trend retro style has long been one of their best-selling collection pieces.

In addition to those forever wearable shades of navy, black and this bright white pair you will also find additional limited edition shades featured in their seasonal spring/summer collections.

Our top legwear tip: It's worth remembering when choosing your perfect pair that your height will have a bearing on where each style will finish. You will always find the inside leg measurement given in the description for each piece of legwear on our site so check your measurements, decide what you would like and browse away!


Styled to be comfortably longer than a traditional short but not as long as our other summer favourite the capri, pedal pushers typically finish just below your knee so you will be able to add some colour to your legs whilst minimising visual tan lines.

You will see pedal pushers featured in many of our ranges this season including this super-smart light grey check stretch design from Glenmuir which is perfect for pairing with summertime brights or classically styled with navy, black or white.


City shorts like this all-time favourite pull-on style from Callaway shown here in Pink Peacock are another fabulous alternative. Designed to finish on the knee, you may find city shorts to be an ideal choice, and the perfect length dependent on how tall you are.

And because they are designed specifically for golf, the cut and stretch of the fabric means that you can swing and bend to pick up your ball with comfort and ease.


You will also find some Bermuda shorts, such as these ocean blue Bermudas from Pure Golf that have a longer 14” inseam, are another option to consider. The name Bermuda short may imply a shorter length but that isn't always the case so it's definitely worth checking out these styles too!

With choice of styles a plenty, and the knowledge that legwear designed specifically for golf will provide comfort and stretch wherever they finish on your leg, we're in no doubt that you can feel confident about putting those full length trousers to the back of the wardrobe once the sun comes out, and feel great about your legs!

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  • A gilet offers flexibility as you swing and combines perfectly with summer legwear.

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  • A stretch belt adds a smart and comfortable finish to your summer legwear.

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