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CopperTech Ladies Golf Glove with Copper-infused Technology

CopperTech Ladies Golf Glove with Copper-infused Technology

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  • CopperTech Golf Ladies Golf Glove
  • Mesh-style stretch panels across the top
  • Non-slip Spider Weave technology for extra grip and feel
  • Form fit comfort prevents stretching
  • Copper-infused technology helps to soothe hand aches and pains
  • CopperTech Plus printed logo across the knuckles 
  • Right and left handed gloves available
  • Select left hand glove, for right handed golfer
  • Select right hand glove, for left handed golfer
  • Machine washable 

Introducing gorgeous golf gloves that provide innovation and style, simply pick one to coordinate with your outfit, or collect all colours! Designed with mesh-style stretch panels across the top and a removable, magnetic ball marker and form flex technology for a comfortable compression fit to prevent the glove from stretching out over time. The Copper-infused technology can help to soothe aches and pains in the hands after a long day on the course, while the non-slip patented spider weave technology is great for rainy days. Plus, it enables you to grip with less tension, for maximum feel and control as you swing. Finally, they are machine washable, making them ultra-durable and great value for money!

Glove back - 50% copper spandex fabric 50% polyurethane suede

Palm side - 75% polyurethane/silicon 25% spandex fabric

Machine washable, please read care instructions


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